St Raphael's Chapel Huccaby
St Raphael's ChapelHuccaby


St. Raphael's Chapel has a small congregation but receives many visitors throughout the year, some local and  some from many different parts of the world.  The most frequent comment left in the Visitors' Book is about the peace and tranquility of the Chapel. 


In addition to providing a place of worship, we strive to provide a place where our visitors can encounter God.  Of course, the Chapel is also of interest because of its previous dual use as a schoolroom.


However, the weather conditions on Dartmoor are harsh and the building requires constant care and maintenance.  The annual running costs are in the region of £2,000 a year and any repairs required are an additional cost.


We raise funds by the sale of pens, St Raphael's angels and cards.  In February and March there is an amazing display of snowdrops in the church grounds.  Many visitors make generous donations when they come to see the snowdrops, but we also offer snowdrops in pots which make a lovely gift for Valentine's Day.


Projects for 2017


To make better use of the Chapel, a car park was added in 2013 and the next aim was to provide toilet facilities.  As there is no water supply or sewage service, a compost toilet was installed adjacent to the building at a cost of £9,000.


With a toilet available, it will be possible to hold concerts, run open days for schools where the children can experience lessons in the Victorian Schoolroom, and other events which will contribute to the upkeep of the Chapel.


Thank you to the following contributors who made it possible:


Allchurches Trust

Dartmoor Forest Parish Council

Devon County Council

Garfield Weston Foundation

Dartmoor Communities Fund


We are extremely grateful to all these bodies for their support and generosity.

Many thanks to Mid Devon Cycling Club who have given us a generous donation of £1,000 which will enable us to extend the path and complete the landscaping around the toilet.  The work was completed in August.


Donations are always welcome.  We are sorry that we don't offer an electronic button for donations, but cheques can be made payable to St Raphael's Church and sent to the address above.

We are located at:

St. Raphel's Chapel



PL20 6SB

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